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Jérémie Bonnet Luthier in Sion

Rental, selling, construction, restoration of violins, violas, cellos.

Accessories, bow rehair.

The Jean-Noël Rybicki workshop, active in Sion for 35 years, continues its activities with the violin maker Jérémie Bonnet.

Opening hours:

(arranging an appointment is recommended)

MONDAY 15:00 - 18:00



by appointment outside of these hours.

Ruelle du Chapitre 3
1950 Sion, Valais, Suisse

Phone number:
(+41) 027 322 74 74

E-mail: click here


Construction Restoration

In our workshop, we make violins, violas and cellos by hand, in the purest tradition of Italian violin making, while bringing a modern and personal style. We also restore these instruments with recent techniques, respecting the ethics and the history of these objects.

Instruments selling


We have a wide selection of instruments for sale in different categories. Instruments for professionals or amateurs, revised, tested and tuned to offer you the best sound. Each instrument is unique, we are here to advise you and find the right one for you.

We have violins, violas and cellos available for hire for all sizes and ages.
Prices vary according to the instrument, please contact us for more details.


Bow maintenance

Sound adjustement

Strings - Accessories

The tone quality of your instrument depends on the combination of several parameters (the tension and the position of the soundpost, the inclination of the neck, the height of the bridge...). These settings can be modified to make the most of your instrument and to adapt it to your desires.

For sale

A bohemian violin labelled 
Alessandro Gagliano


Violin labelled 
Mittenwald ca. 1800

Cello by Gianmaria Stelzer Jérémie Bonnet, Trento 2011 Gold medal at the Pisogne violin making competition 2011

Antique cello labelled
Fritz Monnig Wien 1908



Once I graduated from the "Civica Scuola di Liuteria" in Milan, I continued my training, in quartet instruments construction and restoration, by working with Italian Master stringed-instruments makers such as Luca Primon in Trento and Igor Moroder in Turin.

After working in Saint-Etienne, with the violin maker Patrick Charton, in 2013, I joined Pierre Mastrangelo's workshop, Pierre Gerber's successor, in Lausanne.

These different experiences enabled me to encounter many ancient instruments belonging to the golden age of violin-making.

Eager to expand my knowledge in old varnishes, I participated in several specialised courses with the fine art restorer and chemist François Perego.

I played with the OSUL in Lausanne and, I currently play in an orchestra in Sion. I thus have a daily instrumental practice, which allows me to listen carefully to the instruments as well as understand the requirements of musicians.

Golden medal with a violin, Pisogne competition in Italy.

Golden medal with a cello realised in collaboration with the violin maker Gianmaria Stelzer, Pisogne competition in Italy, too.

In 2019, I have taken over the violin workshop in Sion.


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